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Below are Sample Technical Resumes that have been reviewed. Our Washington, DC IT jobs and free reviews and other expert group comments can be found at:

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Resume # Grade Candidate Type Summary Review
R0002 C+ Team Lead, Programmer Bogus PM info, too many project terms/acronyms, redundant skills listings - but decent programming/testing candidate.
R0003 B+ Senior J2EE Engineer Excellent Candidate, High-Demand Skills - persistent hints of bad grammar, ESL - loads of skills, perhaps too granular in describing them.
R0004 A- Legacy Systems Engineer Good Candidate for Management Positions, good Systems Engineering background, somewhat weak in High-Demand Skills - nice, crisp Resume.
R0006 B- Joe Data Guy Excellent, hard to find, in-demand skillsets with Data Warehouses, Data Mining, etc...but really careless resume. All kinds of spelling, grammar, font, capitalization errors, and mixes of acronym use. Just needs a good, quick editorial review, plus a little more in terms of team/business responsibilities.
R0008 D Joe Needs a Necktie Fresh out of college, seeking a programming job....but no evidence of work experience, extra-curriculars, ambition, etc. Needs a fresh paint job, and probably some embellishments.

Most of these resumes were submitted BEFORE they got reviewed!
(...and all could have been improved 100% with our quick feedback!)

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